Milan Vobruba

Born in 1934 in Třemošnice, Czechoslovakia (currently the Czech Republic).

Studied at the Secondary Industrial Glass School in Nový Bor, Czechoslovakia, 1949 -1952, and subsequently obtained a diploma at the Secondary Technical School of Glass in Železný Brod, Czechoslovakia. Studied at the Higher School of Education in Prague, Czechoslovakia and
at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Philosophy and History, Czechoslovakia.
Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (VŠUP), Czechoslovakia, 1962.

In autumn 1968 he fled from Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia and emigrated to Sweden, where
he still lives.

In 1968-1978 he worked as a self-employed artist designer in Sweden notably at the Reijmyre Glasbruk.
He opened his own glassworks and art studio in Gusum, Sweden, 1978, and in Munster, Germany, 1987. He has worked in Munster for more than 17 years.

In his early pieces of Gusum Glass, he used his own Aleppo technique, which gives the glass a wonderful rough organic texture and an aged appearance.

Initiator and, in 1996 – 2004 and 2013 artistic director of the “Glasplastik und Garten” (Glass Sculpture and Garden), the international exhibition glass project, Munster, Germany.
He has been granted several awards for his art, including an honourable mention, Artist of the Year (Ӧstergötlands Ǻskonstnӓr), 1981; first prize with a grant, Artist of the Year (Ӧstergötlands Ǻskonstnӓr), 1982.

He has participated in more than 80 individual and more than 50 group exhibitions in: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Slovakia, Croatia, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

His works are part of public collections in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic, including: the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, the USA; Museum
of Decorative Arts in Prague, Prague, the Czech Republic; the Norrköping Art Museum, Norrköping, Sweden; MAVA Contemporary Glass Art  Museum of Alcorcón, Alcorcón, Spain; the Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland; Frauenau Glass Museum, Frauenau, Germany; Immenhausen Glass Museum, Immenhausen, Germany.

He has sited his monumental sculptures made of glass, metal and different materials
in the former Czechoslovakia, Germany, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and the USA.