”Glass in Wrocław’s Urban Space”

„Wrocław Old Town Glass Trail” walking tour – 20.10.2013, 12:00 noon – collection point: „Zdrój” Fountain – Market Square, Pigeon Square

Market Square – ul. Św. Elżbiety – Bishop Nankier Square – ul. Szewska/Wita Stwosza – ul. Krawiecka – Solny Square – ul. Pawła Włodkowica  –  approx. 5 km, 2-2 ½ h

The idea to design a “glass architecture” map of Wrocław was conceived two years ago during preparations for the Play with Glass – European Glass Festival in Wrocław project. We decided to “bring out of hiding” and make an inventory of the glass artworks in the city’s public buildings and churches, and on its squares and streets...

“Glass in Wrocław’s urban space” is a totally new project, for previously, there was no literature available on Wrocław’s glass architecture. Urszula Łączna collaborated with Ewelina Kwiatkowska to complete some meticulous detective work, in order
to track down the creators of these glass artworks and check all the information that they passed on.

A fountain, glazed works, an elevation, stained glass, a mosaic, a sculpture, a glass installation… we have described 54
of Wrocław’s glass architecture objects and buildings. 14 of them are on the route of Wrocław’s first “glass trail”.

We hope that the “Wrocław Old Town Glass Trial” will be one of the most important attractions in Wrocław, the “city of glass”.

Anita Bialic, Kazimierz Pawlak

1. “Zdrój” Fountain – designed by Alojzy Gryt, 2001 – Market Square, Pigeon Square, photo by Monika Muszyńska

2.“Wrocław Heads” – designed by Barbara Idzikowska, 2010 – Councillor’s Club Hall, New Town Hall, Market Square 9, photo by Ewelina Kwiatkowska
3. Portal and signboard in the Under the Blue Sun Tenement – designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz, 1999 – Passage Under The Blue Sun, Market Square 7 (portal viewed from the Market Square, signboard viewed from Kiełbaśnicza Street), photo by Monika Muszyńska
4. Glazing in floors, Under the Golden Sun Tenement – designed by Wojciech Olech, 2009 – Market Square 6 (ground floor and basement), Monika Muszyńska 
5. Stained glass works: "Griffins", 2002; "Fighting Griffins", 2006; "Jug and red grapes", "A Tray with grapes", 2007 – designed by Marta Sienkiewicz – Rastaurant “Under the Griffins”, Under the Griffins Tenement, Market Square 2, photo by Ewelina Kwiatkowska
6. “Papal stained glass”– designed by Barbara Idzikowska, Eugeniusz Get–Stankiewicz, 2007 – St. Elizabeth’s Church, ul. Św. Elżbiety 1, photo by Monika Muszyńska
7. Stained glass–works (3 windows) in the presbytery at St. Elizabeth’s Church – designed by Anna Lamparska 2010 – ul, Św. Elżbiety 1, photo by Monika Muszyńska
8. Stained glass works (10 windows) in St. Matthias’ Church – designed by Beata Stankiewicz–Szczerbik – Bishop Nankier Square 17, photo by Mirosław Koch
9. The “Football” Fountain by the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene – designed by Anna Kościuk and Grzegorz Kilian, 2007 – the intersection point of Szewska and Wita Stwosza Streets, photo by Monika Muszyńska

10. Glass elevation – designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz, 2008/2009 – Justin Centre, ul. Krawiecka 1–3 (wall), photo by Monika Muszyńska
11. Stained glass skylight in the courtyard of the Old Stock Exchange – designed by Anna Lamparska, 2002 – Solny Square 16, photo by Ewelina Kwiatkowska
12. The “Pyramid” – designed by Stanisław Sobota, 1997 – Old Stock Exchange, Solny Square 16, photo by Ewelina Kwiatkowska
13. “The Sun” – designed by Zbigniew Horbowy and Krzysztof Wołowski, 2008 – Registry Office, ul. Włodkowica 20 (façade), photo by Monika Muszyńska
14. “Alatus” – designed by Monika Rubaniuk, 2011 – the courtyard of the Puro Hotel, ul. Włodkowica 6, photo Monika Muszyńska