"Glassware" – Jerzy Chodurski – 9.10.2014 – 18.10.2014

08.10.2014 – Wednesday – 6 pm – opening of the Jerzy Chodurski exhibition, Glassware – Socato/Galeria na Solnym Gallery, Plac Solny 11 – exhibition open: 9.10.2014 – 18.10.2014 
Glassware – Jerzy Chodurski

Angels and Birds or Angel-Birds ... Jerzy Chodurski's object-sculptures attract our gaze and astonish with their delicate beauty.

Economical in colour and form, sometimes formed from one sheet of thick glass, though often built of several pieces, Chodurski's works unveil the clear/transparent mystery of glass. A material which he has enjoyed and processed in his own unique way for over 30 years.

Created using the "cold working" technique, sanded, polished and glued, they possess a unique atmosphere and a "fleeting state of concentration". They are almost metaphysical.

Chodurski calls his sculptures "glassware". Is it perversity that the artist's glass work is still undervalued in Poland? That the works of art he makes are seen as "glassware"?

The "Glassware" Exhibition at the Socato Gallery /Na Solnym Gallery, Jerzy Chodurski, professor at the Geppert Academy of Fine Arts, bids farewell to the Department of Glass and its students, and opens a new phase of artistic activity. Because I cannot imagine that the Polish "market" would miss out on Maestro Chodurski's Angel-Birds.

Professor Kazimierz Pawlak