Giuliano Gaigher

Graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors, Romano Di Lombardia, Italy, 1983. Participated in the glass fusing course run by Prof. Detlef Tanz, Milan, Italy, 1992–1996.

Since 1987, he has been running his own art studio. He has also worked in cooperation with Luigi Magni, Marcello Catalano and Stefano Travi, 1983–1996.

Since 1997, Gaigher has participated in 10 solo exhibitions and 60 group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including: Glassrich Tubbergen, Tubbergen, the Netherlands, 2007; GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN, Münster, Germany, 2008, 2010, 2013; Espace mediArt, Luxembourg, 2014.

Selected for the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014, Germany.

One of his sculptures is presented in the Collezione Paolo VI, Associazione Arte e Spiritualità, Brescia, Italy.

He uses different structures and materials: glass, wood and iron. His works, both formal and conceptual, are the result of a constant search for a balance between elements of nature and culture.

He enjoys skiing.