Festival Debut – "Between the Spaces" – Michal Lacko

Curator: Kama Wróbel
Arttrakt Gallery, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1
Exhibition open: 13.10.2015 – 31.10.2015

The creator of this year's individual exhibition in the SiC Gallery, Palo Macho, a lecturer at the Glass Studio of the Faculty of Applied Arts at the School of Fine Arts (VŠVU) in Bratislava, suggested the participation in the "Debut" exhibition of his student, Michal Lacko – a visual artist whose artistic quest can be situated at the border between art and design.

The exhibition Between the Spaces at the Arttrakt Gallery and held as part of the Play with Glass – European Glass Festival is the first solo exhibition by Michal Lacko.

In the work of Michal Lacko, glass is not seen in the traditional manner. It is also not the most important element in his work, which for many years has focused on an experimental approach to the boundaries between the visual and applied arts and design. Perhaps therefore we do not find among his works sophisticated, subtle glass objects, but rather architectural, sometimes evocative of the construction site structures in which glass, although important, does not play an essential role. For this young artist glass – in this case optical – is, first and foremost, an interesting material whose physical properties allow the expected visual results, shaped primarily by the creative power of light, to be achieved.
The geometrizing physical objects, subjected to minimization, undergo the mathematical principles of perspective, reflection, and the prism, with whose help Michal Lacko achieves a real image or, often, a 
distorted representation of the world.

Michal Lacko's Between the Spaces at the Arttrakt Gallery is thus not an exhibition presenting glass in the traditional sense, but a show of experimental pieces that bring the art of glass to a new, more usable space, situating it somewhere on the border between the arts, releasing at the same time a different perception of this material in the recipient.

Michal Lacko
Graduate of the School of Applied Arts in Košice (Škola úžitkového výtvarníctva Košice), since 2010 a student at the Academy of Fine Arts (VŠVU) in Bratislava. In 2014 he participated in the Design Week in Bratislava, and in 2015 he took part in the group exhibition "1200°C – Space on the Edge" (Medium Gallery, Bratislava).

Opening of the exhibition – photos