''Witches – Those Who Know'' – Dąbrówka Huk

TYC ART Gallery, ul. Ruska 46c
Exhibition open: 14.10.2015 – 30.10.2015


For our Slavic ancestors they were "the ones who know.” They knew the secrets of nature, the fertility cycles, the power of herbs. They were midwives and the first "psychotherapists." They were respected and could speak in their own voices.
In the times of the rule of the Church they became Evil incarnate. Their knowledge, abilities, and independent ways of thinking began to frighten people. They were debased, tortured, and burnt on stakes, all in the majesty of the law.
Today, once more, they are speaking in their own voices. They can be mothers, artists, explorers, and scholars. Such as Dąbrówka Huk, who tells us her own story of a Witch. A woman's story, full of riddles and gaps.

Who are the WITCHES of Dąbrówka Huk?
Are they women, icons… or perhaps Madonnas?
What are the tales they tell?
What is their mysterious power?

In seeking answers to these questions, a Wrocław artist invites to the world of her WITCHES
Katarzyna Kopias-Czeka


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocaw in 2000, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass. Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 2000/2001. She works with glass and also as a theatre stage designer.

Opening of the exhibition – photos