"Ritual" – Agnieszka Bar

Neon Gallery – Centre for Applied Art. Centre for Innovation
E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, ul. Traugutta 19/21

Exhibition open: 20.10.2015 – 29.10.2015

The projects presented at the "Ritual" exhibition were created in processes of repetitive tasks that could lead to learned, routine gestures. The results are not, however, a group of identical dishes. The artist has purposely remained within the creative "ritual" so that the individual objects do not lose their individualism.

Agnieszka Bar's projects are sensual. Glass is shown in many different guises, so that both the designer, as well as the craftspeople cooperating with her, and finally us, the audience, the users, can re-study the matter glass and rediscover its heterogeneity.

– I move in a wet and misty atmosphere. It is a natural backdrop for objects that in the process of formation, before the final gloss was obtained, were subjected to water and abrasive powders of different gradation. The process of cold working is wet and the noisy or even squeaky machine environment is conducive to concentration, creating a space to meditate on the material. –

The exhibition "Ritual" is the first solo exhibition by Agnieszka Bar. Associated with glass since 1997, when she began studying at art school specialising in glass, she has been constantly experimenting. She uses traditional and well-known methods of processing glass, shaping the glass on her own individual way. She creates both original projects, on the border between design and art, as well as cooperating with Polish and foreign companies realizing commercial projects.

Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi

AGNIESZKA BAR            
Graduated from the Ceramics and Glass Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts (currently the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design) in Wroclaw. Employed there in the Studio of Glass Design run by Professor Kazimierz Pawlak from 2011.
Under her own brand designs and manufactures a series of original glassware. Works as a designer in the implementation of industrial designs and on experimental projects. Co-founder and designer of the Group WZOROWO, 2009 -2014. Coach and mentor in design; she conducts workshops in cooperation with cultural institutions.

Opening of the exhibition – photos