Memory Cards – Małgorzata Mitka

BB Gallery, ul. Jatki 3-6
Exhibition open: 15.10.2016 – 31.10.2016

Opening: 18.10.2016, 8 pm

I was born in Laski near Olkusz. In this small village, situated near the forest, I learned to walk, met my first friends, played on the pitch, left school, I fell in love... For 5 years I have lived in Wrocław. But I go back to Laski at every opportunity. I meet with family and friends, I take the dog for long walks. And sadly I write in my memory the changes that have occurred since my move to Wrocław. New buildings in the place of the old, new shops, a disco, fewer cultivated fields and farms. Only the chapel and the school have stood in the same place for decades.

It is not known exactly when Laski was founded; the documents indicate that it was in the second half of the 18th century. Its development is due to the existing steel industry in Bolesław and Kuźnica Błędowska. The residents of Lasek were also loggers. For many years the history of Laski was written down by an inhabitant, Henryk Czerniak. He created a unique, hand-written, four-volume chronicle, illustrated with 535 original photographs.

Henryk's passion inspired my idea to perpetuate the history of my village on glass panels. I used parts of "The Chronicles of Laski", calligraphy by Henryk Czerniak, to create my own personal "Glass chronicles of Laski". I tell the story of the small town that will always be my family home.

Graduated from the Ceramics and Glass Faculty at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, 2016. Since the days of secondary school she has been interested in glass. She uses every opportunity to expand her knowledge about the techniques of glass and improve her skills in working with it. She likes to experiment by realizing her invented projects. She likes new challenges, and is stubborn in achieving her goals.

Coordinator of the project "Glass Displays" realized as part of the European Glass Festival in 2015.