„Modus Operandi" – Pati Dubiel

Versus Gallery, ul. Jatki 11 
Exhibition open: 22.10.2019 – 10.11.2019
Opening: 22.10.2019, 5 pm – 7 pm

I believe that the next stages of forming my “modus operandi” are awaiting around the corner. I am always prepared for it. But what has already been created and what is available to be seen at the “Modus Operandi” exhibition in Wrocław is the essence of myself, my temperament and character... of my artistic way of expression.

Pati Dubiel

Modus operandi is a characteristic way of acting, a particular behaviour. These are features that are significant and include the author’s specific “imprint” on his/her piece of art, artistic fingerprints.

Over twenty years of testing glass matter, hundreds of completed projects, successes and failures in the development of the creator’s techniques and unique style, the Artist has reached the point where her Modus Operandi is defined. This road was long and bumpy. She modified her thinking about glass, gained knowledge about new possibilities of shaping it, travelled, met new people and made many choices. Finally, she found her peculiar style, which eventually became her exceptional identifying feature.

Eroticism, ambiguity, colour, intricate detail, unbridled fantasy and an unconventional approach to glass – these are the elements of Pati Dubiel’s art pieces.
At the small exhibition in the Versus Gallery, objects designed by Pati Dubiel in the last 10 years, and also her drawings and assemblages will be presented.

Martyna Wiszowata