„Between Light and Shadow” – Ryszard Więckowski

Mia ART GALLERY, Plac Solny 11
Exhibition open: 23.10.2019 – 03.11.2019
Opening: 23.10.2019, 6 pm – 7pm

Stained glass, or any other form of building a picture with glass and light, is the foundation of my creative activities.
In the simplicity of form, I eliminate colour in favour of black and white, bringing out the nuances of light between gloss and matt.
Ryszard Więckowski

Graduated with honours from the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at he State College of Fine Arts. PWSSP, (currently: E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design), Wrocław, Poland 1977.
Since 1981 employed there as an assistant of Professor Ludwik Kiczura at the Glass Department; from 1992 he has been leading the Architectural Stained Glass Studio, currently as an Associate Professor.
Worked for the INCO art glass factory and stained glass studio, Wrocław, 1980–1988;
ran the stained glass studio in the Opus-Art school in Sosnowiec, Poland, 1997–2005.
He has participated in over 30 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He has created multiple stained glass and unique glass projects for sacral, as well as secular spaces, including the monumental stained glass project for the Church of the Assumption, Wrocław-Ołtaszyn, Poland; 25 stained glass windows for the Church of St. Jacob the Apostle, Warsaw, Poland.
His works are featured in many private residencies in Poland and abroad.

Stained glass, 940 x 670, 2000

Stained glass, 1310 x 480, 2000

Stained glass, 1200 x 530, 2008