Sofi Aršas

Graduated from the Glass Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), Tallinn, Estonia, 1998.
Participated in more than 15 solo exhibitions in Estonia, and in over 50 group exhibitions in Estonia, Georgia, Wales, Germany, and Lithuania, including: “Zu Gast: Estland” Alter Hof Herding Glass Museum, Germany, 2014, and “Contemporary Estonian Glass Art” Jelagin Island Glass Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Curator of 17 exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Russia, and Lithuania.
Her works are included in the collections of: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM), Tallinn,
and Tallinn City Museum.
Since 1998, besides creating art at the glass and ceramics studio Mustvalge, she has been working as a teacher at Tallinn University and Tallinn Art School.