Wrocław Microcosmos of Events – glass workshops

Ministry of Justice remand home in Sadowice, ul. Szkolna 10

Led by Anna Gałuszka – www.galeriabb.com/galuszka

I have never led workshops in a young offender’s home before. In my opinion, they were very successful. The boys taking
part in them worked with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment.

In the correctional facility in Sadowice, various art classes are organised, but the glass workshops were taking place for
the first time. The participants had never previously taken a glass cutter into their hands or cut colourful compositions out
of glass.

I hope that during the next edition of the European Glass Festival, I’ll be able to visit the home in Sadowice again. And maybe my apprentices and I shall prepare an exhibition together… Anna Gałuszka

Photos: Anna Gałuszka